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This may not be the best time to talk about a yearly membership at Wealthy Affiliate, but they are offering such a great deal right now that I just had to share it. In fact, this Wealthy Affiliate Special could not have come at a better time, if you think about it. At an incredible discount you can join the best online affiliate platform there is, a discount that makes it affordable for many.

wealthy affiliate special - get it now!

I have mentioned the Wealthy Affiliate platform in some other blog posts here. First, I am a Premium member there; and second, it offers excellent hosting and support, so I couldn’t be happier. Third, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. What they offer for a one time price is a whole lot more and much more useful than what many other websites offer.

Sick of Scams? Me Too!

sick of scams

How often have you come across a platform that promises the stars and the moon, and instead asks you to empty your gold coffers, because every new page brings another upsell? Very honestly, I hate upsells, and they are the first reason why I will click to get away from that page as fast as I can.

We’ve all seen those pages where so called internet “gurus” claim that you will make a thousand dollars in under thirty minutes. Oh sure, if that were the case, then why isn’t everyone doing it? Right?

I got tired of all those scams, the lies, the attempts to get my money. I didn’t even want to research about making money online anymore. I thought, “what’s the point?” Then I came across a Wealthy Affiliate review, and I thought “Huh, free sign up, free training, no credit card required. Why not?”


Then I Found the Real Thing

I signed up, and there was another pleasant surprise, there were no upsells. There was either the free membership or the Premium membership at $49 US a month; and you could stay as a free member for as long as you wanted. There is, of course, also the option to upgrade to a yearly membership. On my first day I realized that Wealthy Affiliate was the real deal. They offered me much value, and on that very first day I already learned how to set up my website. That was a pretty cool achievement.


When COVID-19 Struck …

That event changed our lives, for everyone. Suddenly, we had to stay home and work from home. Many lost their jobs. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are on the front every day, facing terrible situations I cannot even imagine. Shopping has changed, from a pleasant experience it has turned into something that most people dread, it isn’t nice, it isn’t enjoyable, and well, in my case, it is not something I look forward to anymore.

So, we’re home, nearly all the time. We’re online, and we have to find a way to make money during this pandemic. Making money online is the best solution, and affiliate marketing is a business that will thrive during and after this pandemic.

stay home

Who is Affiliate Marketing For?

The good thing is that you do not need to be an internet whiz or a marketing expert to do this. Wealthy Affiliate has tons of training, tutorials, videos, webinars, you name it; and the best is that you are working on your website from lesson 1. You’re doing it while learning.

What does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

As a free member you have access to twenty free lessons that already get you set up for business, teaching you how to create a website, find keywords, how to improve your SEO, basically what an internet marketer needs. 100 Jaaxy keyword searches are available for you. Jaaxy is an online keyword search tool that is essential for the affiliate marketer. For more info on Jaaxy, please see my review here: The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

As a Premium member, many more areas will be open to you, such as weekly webinars that are not only very interactive and lively (You won’t get bored there), but also extremely helpful and for which over a thousand people register every Friday. Jay, the Wealthy Affiliate trainer, is an excellent teacher, and at the end of every session you get the chance to ask your own questions in a live Q & A session.

You also have access to the live chat feature where you can ask any question or clear up doubts. To show you what the Premium membership includes, please check the image below. As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate gives you much value for your money.

What if, you could pay less than 1 dollar per day to get all these amazing benefits? This is what is so awesome about the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They actually offer a yearly Premium membership at a price that sounds too good to be true.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership

So, how much is it? Let’s talk some numbers.

The monthly membership is $49. For fifteen years, WA’s yearly membership has been $359. That’s correct, in fifteen years they have not raised their price. They are raising it now.

Hang on, didn’t I just say there was a great deal? Yes! Indeed, there is. Right now, before the yearly membership goes up, Wealthy Affiliate is offering a membership at $299 per year. 299 translates to 82 cents per day. That’s even less than a cup of coffee. Not bad, is it? Or shall I say, isn’t this fantastic?

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

This $299 offer is only temporary and it will expire on 11 May 2020, at 11:59 PM PST. After that, the yearly price will go up to $495.

Is this a good time to raise the price? Well, Kyle and Carson, the founders of the WA platform, have not raised their prices in fifteen years, like I just mentioned, so I think that it is quite all right for them to do this now. If you’d like to read Kyle’s blog on the reasons for this price change, please click here: Premium Yearly Price Change, Innovation, & An Offer.

Moreover, they are offering an incredible discount of $196 … That is a huge saving! This is why I could not pass this up and I had to share the great news!

A yearly membership at the best affiliate platform there is online, at only $299, don’t let this one go. This offer is only valid until 11 May 2020, at 11:59 PM PST. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or about this special offer, please let me know in the comments.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

12 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Special – Get it Now

  1. Wow! Finally getting to see something of right value online makes me feel quite great. Wealthy affiliate seems to be the perfect platform and the best part is the fact that they are legit while they offer realistic offers. Thank you so much for sharing this here and I really appreciate

    1. You’re welcome, Sharon! It is indeed great to come across a legit and excellent platform online. I hope you take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate’s unique offer. 

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Great article about Wealthy Affiliate!!!  Everyone should join now before the rates go up!  It’s amazing they haven’t raised the rates in 15 years.  I especially liked how you say “WA is the real deal”.  I agree… the community of members is so helpful!

    Thanks for sharing this info and all the details about Wealthy Affiliate.  

    1. Hi Alyse!

      I agree, the community of members is very helpful and they are a huge part of what makes Wealthy Affiliate such an amazing platform. 

  3. Hello Christine, 
    Thank you for this review on Wealthy Affiliate, as it is so well written with great details in your article. I truly enjoyed your article, as it has a very clean structure which is helpful for me to read and understand through. Your article also answers a lot of the question that I once had when I first discovered WA (Addressing whether if it is s scam, who is it for, the pricing of the programme). 

     I am a WA Premium member myself, and I can say that it is really something that I am grateful to take a step into. It has been 8 months now that I have been with WA, and I have never regretted one bit. I enjoy all the various courses that I get to partake in to improve my skill set as a marketer and also as an affiliate marketer. I like how you address that this is the perfect time to venture into affiliate marketing (in this time of Covid-19 quarantine season), because this is what I believe in too. After this, a lot of the businesses will realise the demand in going online and digital, when the demand is at it’s peak, we will be the one benefiting in this situation. Good job on the article, I can see that you have got a great knowledge on the WA programme and do keep it up with the good work. Stay safe, Christine! 

    1. Hi Jyongwa!

      I’m glad you are enjoying all the benefits and training of the WA membership. Nice to meet you here, and thank you for visiting my website!

  4. My wife is a member of Wealthy Affiliate and that’s how I got involved. For the amount we pay, the payback is great. Everything you have touched upon in your article is phenomenal. We have access to over so many different affiliates coaches, it’s pretty amazing that so many people are dining success online. Now with the sale happening, it’s even better, can’t beat the price of right now. 

    1. Hi Eric!

      True, you can’t beat the price right now, this is a great offer, and for the amount we pay, the payback is indeed fantasic.

      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Wow! Wealthy Affiliate sounds great! From your “Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?” article, Wealthy Affiliate offer so much training. The weekly webinars sound really good too. Are they all included in the membership? I’m definitely interested in checking it out. 

    Can I join up for the free account to try it out and still sign up for $299 before the 11th May? 

    Thank in advance,


    1. Hi Chris!

      Wealthy Affiliate offers great training, and the weekly webinars are included in the Premium membership, + excellent hosting, support, and many other great tools. 

      You can join as a free member and try it out for the first days. As a free member you already get many benefits too. And then, on the 11th of May you can certainly sign up for the $299 offer. Let me know if you have any more questions!

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Intriguing article on wealthy affiliate, luckily am also a premium member at wealthy affiliate and I must say when I first saw the review on wealthy affiliate I was like ‘no way’ this can’t be real, but trust me everything said is real… As a premium member in wealthy affiliate, you have unlimited free lessons that already get you set up for business, teaching you how to create a website, find keywords, how to improve your SEO, basically what an internet marketer needs. Unlimited Jaaxy keyword searches are available for you, direct chat up with Kyle and Carson and much more…

    Hope you join wealthy affiliate soon…nice article and I wish to read more form your website…

    1. Hi Evans!

      As a Premium member you indeed enjoy many tools and benefits that set you up for business. 

      Thank you for the added information! 

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