Unique Book Characters – When Side Characters get Their own Book

Right now, I am working on editing a manuscript. I first wrote it three years ago, and together with Thorn Heart it was the other manuscript that was stolen by a fake publisher – yes, there were two he got his hands on, but luckily I got them both back.

Thorn Heart is already released, and this new book, Seraphin, will be out soon as well.

Unique Book Characters - When Side Characters get Their own Book

An Uncommon Character

Seraphin is an important character who makes many appearances in Aurelie, Survival; Aurelie, on the Road; Aurelie, Gates of Immortality; and also in Lucan, Book II. He is a complicated character with many flaws but he hardly feels encumbered by them. On the contrary, he is quite confident ;-). He has a temper and he is impatient, and he is known to be a notorious philanderer, but he is 100% loyal to those he loves.

Writing his story was a little different, because he is simply unlike any character I have written before. While all my characters certainly have flaws (how could they not?), Seraphin has a few more imperfections than the rest, but I hope that his charms will persuade the reader to still root for him 🙂

Two Points of View

The other difference is that there are two narrators, Seraphin and Fantine. This is also a first for me. Both tell the story from their perspective, adding their social backgrounds, experiences, and emotions until events finally bring these two together and Seraphin has to turn his world upside down and betray his desires in order to keep Fantine alive and safe.

man and woman

Although his story is a spin off from the Aurelie series, you can read his tale as a standalone book.

What Happens in Seraphin’s Story?

In her memoirs, Aurelie tells us how she met Seraphin in the French Revolution. Seraphin’s story begins in his youth, 8 years before the revolution even started.

french revolution

Part 1 covers his mortal years as a human, following his adventures in the French Revolution, his liaison with the radical Jacobins, and the terrible fates of his friends while Fantine, an aristocrat, loses everything and barely escapes with her life. Fate brings these two together. Although they come from different social classes, a bond grows between them, and Seraphin feels drawn to Fantine, wanting to help her after everything she has suffered in the revolution. Aurelie also makes some appearances.

In part 2, Seraphin meets Aurelie again who – as we already know from the Aurelie series – is the reason why he is launched into immortality. Very unexpected, though, she is not the one who gives him eternal life and due to an unfortunate feud between Aurelie and another vampire, Seraphin turns into something more than expected, not quite vampire, and not full werewolf, but something in between.

half werewolf half vampire

Now that he is a danger to the mortal Fantine, shunned by vampires for being a “half-breed” and trusted by only few werewolves, Seraphin makes his way in this new world of immortals, but he cannot stop events from dragging Fantine into it.

A lot happens in this book, there is still much to tell, but I am not one for giving spoilers. I still have to work on a blurb, and that is always difficult to do for an author. So, although I have just given a glimpse into the story, I am going to need some time to create the book blurb 🙂 After all, I need to entice you to read it, right? 😉

Real Events and Fiction

I love history and I always found the French Revolution fascinating. There are so many interesting characters, such as Georges Danton, Saint Juste, and the tragic Camille and Lucille Demoulins. So, I included the stories of these real life characters in Seraphin’s tale. Of course, the controversial Maximilien Robespierre also makes an appearance; and not to worry, I stayed true to historical events. Hey, I’m a high school history teacher, I got this 😉


The story spans the time period from 1785 to 1821, covering not only the French Revolution, but also Napoleonic and post-Napoleonic times. The proud Corsican leader makes no appearance, but he is obviously mentioned to get a feel for the time period. I am not going to wake too many ghosts from the past. Robespierre is more than enough 😉

What are the Next Steps?

bloggingAt the moment I am revising the manuscript, adding and deleting sentences, tweaking here and there, and checking sentence structure and grammar and spelling, making sure it all fits; in other words: the dreaded editing 😉 .

Soon, I will be looking for beta readers who will help me improve the manuscript, and I have to think of an idea for the book cover. I am also considering taking pre-orders for this book. I have never done that before, but I think I am going to go for it this time. As soon as I have the book cover, Seraphin will be ready for pre-order and a publishing deadline will be set.

I’m excited to finally write about this and share it with the world. I hope you’re ready for Seraphin 🙂 He’s quite the charmer and a little too confident, but he has grown on me ❤️.

10 thoughts on “Unique Book Characters – When Side Characters get Their own Book

  1. While I am not much of a reader for this kind of stories, but I think I would love it because of the history and anything about War and Revolutions.

    I love the way how you describe the characters, the story and the narrative from two different points of view, briefly. Makes me and the readers want some more.

    I agree about the dreaded editing. Honestly the book cover has a lasting impression on me when I decide what books to buy and add into my collection so I am looking forward to your book cover.

  2. I love your website. Writing is a passion of mine and I have self-published one simple book. I would like to make more but I have writers block nowadays. Any tips on how to overcome this?

    I think I am ready for Seraphin 🙂
    Seraphin is an interesting character and I think its easy to relate to this story. Like Seraphin, I do have many flaws. I like the fact that he hardly feels encumbered by them. I love charming and confident men and feel this book will sell very well once complete.

    1. For writer’s block, I would suggest leaving the laptop for half an hour or so and go for a walk. When you’re in nature the creative juices can start flowing again. Someone once suggested going to the gym and do anything that keeps you active and lets your mind rest for a while.

      Thank you for your comments on Seraphin! I hope he will do well once is story is released 🙂

  3. I love stories from multiple points of view. I like being able to see the same story from two (or more) sides. I think it makes it interesting. I just started reading the Aurelie series, so I can’t wait for Seraphin. I’m already addicted to the series and I haven’t even finished the first book.

    I love the French Revolution from a historic standpoint, plus Les Miserables is one of my favorite musicals, so kudos for using the name Fantine. Love it. Can’t wait for this book and to see what you decide for the cover art! Keep us updated!

    1. Hi Erika,

      Knowing that you are reading the Aurelie series just made my day! 🙂
      I also love Les Miserables, it’s a beautiful story, and it certainly inspired the name Fantine for the other main character in Seraphin’s story.
      Thank you for your comment!

  4. Hi Chrstine,

    I don’t think I have ever read a book before where both characters are expressing their part of the story. I would be interested in reading your book. I also like that you included real-life events from the past.
    Let me know when you are selling the book. I am looking forward to read Seraphin.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Yoana,

      I have read few books that were written from two (or more) characters’ points of view) and it was an interesting experience, I liked it.
      I will definitely let you know when Seraphin is ready 🙂

  5. We have book or a story in general. Lets see the check and verify
    France – check
    Revolution , riots, social unrest – check
    Stories from a different view or phase – check
    Vampires, or werewolves, or both – check
    This sounds like an interesting story.

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