The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

If you haven’t heard of Jaaxy yet and you would like to find out more, then you have come to the right place. In this article I will give you an honest review about Jaaxy. I use the Jaaxy keyword tool myself, and as you have probably read in other reviews, it is a great tool to have.

When I first started using it. I didn’t know much about keywords, but I picked up the importance of them pretty quickly. If you have a website and you are serious about getting your articles indexed on Google and appearing in the search engines, you should implement keywords in your articles. That’s where Jaaxy comes in. I see it as my great, little helper who gives me extra input.


Why Keywords? What’s the Purpose of Them?

Have you ever done a Google search? Silly question, isn’t it? Who hasn’t done a Google search?

Let’s say, you are looking for ways to make money online, because you just lost your job or you were having some medical emergencies and you need extra money. What do you type in the Google search bar? Perhaps this? Ways to make money online – or – make money online – or – earn money online ?

Those words you enter into the Google search bar are keywords. With these keywords you will start your search and Google will show you your search results, a list of pages with websites that are about your search item. If your article has these keywords, and someone is looking for the exact keywords that are in your blog, then your blog/website will pop up in the search results. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?


How Can I Be On Page Nr. 1?

Wait a minute, in the Google search results on page 1? No, you do not get ranked there right away. To get to page 1, you have to improve your SEO, work on getting your website noticed, become an authority in your niche, and that can take months or even years. You’ve seen Google search results for any search you have performed. There are thousands of pages. To get to the first pages is the result of hard work and persistence.

To find out more about SEO and website hosting, you can read the following article: How to Make Money Online as a Writer

How to Add Keywords to Your Article

easyThere isn’t a special formula, but it is recommended not to overload your post with keywords. Your goal is to produce an interesting article, not a bunch of sentences with a soup of keywords. No one wants to read that, and it will definitely not help your ranking on Google. Too much of anything is never good.

You should include the keyword(s) in your title, and then again in your first paragraph. I would not place a keyword or keywords in every single paragraph. To be honest, I do not pay that much attention to keywords when I write my articles. I am focused on writing something that is helpful and I always aim to make it an easy read, meaning that I am not going to write a scientific dissertation or an essay, but I intend to write a naturally flowing text (I hope I succeeded today 😉 )

So, what I do is the following: I add keywords to my title and I repeat them in either my first or second paragraph. That’s it. Depending on the topic or the length of the text, I may add another keyword later, perhaps in the middle or towards the end of the article, but I don’t do that often, and very honestly, by the time I get to the end of my articles, my mind is not on keywords anymore, but on the content.

As a writer, I love writing and so I am always fully focused on writing. Keyword research is done before I start my article.

How Does Jaaxy Work?

Basically, you type in a few keywords and Jaaxy will show you how many searches are done for these particular keywords in a month. I am adding a screenshot of a Jaaxy search for “fabulous hats”.

Under avg, you will see the number of searches that are done for these keywords. Under traffic you see the number of visits to your website if you achieve first page ranking. Finally, under QSR you will see the amount of competing websites who are ranked in Google for these exact keywords. SEO indicates the score based on traffic and competition.

Jaaxy gives you all the info you need. Let’s say that your keyword has a high number of competing websites, then you could adjust your keyword search, perhaps change it to new fabulous hats or fabulous hats 2020 or Hollywood fabulous hats.

I am using Jaaxy Lite, which means that I am a free user. Jaaxy Lite is free to Wealthy Affiliate Premium members. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that is designed for affiliate marketers from all levels; it includes free hosting, training and webinars, and support. For more info please read this review on Wealthy Affiliate.

You can also get Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy Enterprise, the more advanced versions, for a membership fee of $19 us (Pro) and $49 us (Enterprise). This will give you access to unlimited search results, site lookups, site rank tracking, sort keyword data, brainstorm platform, and so on.

Would You Like to Try?

Let’s have some fun with keywords. Here, I’m leaving you a little Jaaxy keyword search tool. Type in anything you want and let Jaaxy show you how it works. You could type in something that you’re interested in or something you would like to write about. Perhaps dog beds, writing tools, pet supplies, holistic treatment, or whatever you can think of 🙂

Try it out 🙂 And let me know how it goes.

13 thoughts on “The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

  1. Well, the Jaaxy Keyword Tool is a definite must for people who hope to get some extra traffic to their websites, besides friends and family. If a writer wants to have his or her articles/blogs showing up on search engine web searches, then a program like Jaaxy is a must-have. It has so many unexpected features! Besides just telling me what the usage is for my chosen search phrase, it offers ideas and lists. Jaaxy sounds perfect for Internet writers who need extra traffic or just want to be noticed for their stories and reviews.

    1. Very true, it also offers ideas and lists. It is definitely a must have if you want traffic to your website. 

  2. Jaaxy keyword tool is an ideal tool for every affiliate marketer. I myself use the tool and I know the benefits it brings. Making sure that our contents are ranked on search engines and getting traffic is what everyone want. Its simplicity is what I like the most. Definitely, this will be a great tool for anyone that is serious of getting noticed by search engines especially Google.

  3. So, I have already had a bit of experience with Jaaxy and I have to say, it is as you have written. You have the ability to search out the best keywords and that way you know which words to use in your writing. When doing this you can indeed increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and that helps to get ranked higher in Google searches.  

    I do have a question, have you tried the pro version? I see that there is a brainstorming platform and I am very curious about it. I love Jaaxy so much I might go with the pro version at some point. 

    1. Hi Tina,

      I have not tried the pro version, but I am tempted. I am also interested in the brainstorming platform, I think it would help find great ideas for content writing.

  4. That is true, you cannot compete on the online market if not using the right tools! And Jaaxy is one of them! If you want ranking on Google and traffic to your website, Jaaxy is a must. 

    And what can be more pleasant than the FREE Jaaxy Lite keyword tool? I am using Jaaxy Lite myself and I could not do my job without it.

  5. The image on your page got me fascinated, I could not let it go. The more I looked at the image, the more I saw Jaaxy as a support for every writer.
    I have been using Jaaxy for two months now and it has been very helpful, the platform is easy to use with little or no explanation you are up and running.

  6. I’m a new Jaaxy user. So far, I enjoy using it to help me finding the right keywords I need for my post. But I am confused when they say don’t just use the keywords as the title of your post, make it more appealing for people to click and actually visit your site, read your post and leave a comment. I’m wondering if it makes any difference if we just use the keywords, especially when we already like it and don’t want to add anything else to it. I know I would love to make the title of my post more appealing, I am just not sure if it will also help to improve the chance to be indexed and be ranked on Google.

    1. Hi Ferra,
      You can use keywords in your title and add more words to make it a catchy title. For example, your keywords are “winter soups”. You could write the following: “Winter Soups – warm and delicious” or “The Best Winter Soups This Season (recipe included).
      If you’re happy just using the keywords for your title because it is enough, you can do that too. It all depends.

  7. Great article Christine, Jaaxy is a winner!
    In the beginning, I didn’t use it properly and it was not effective. Since I read the advice and applied it, it made a huge difference!
    Every day I learn more.
    Thanks for the good info to make it even better.

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