The Digital Marketing Launchpad – How to sell digital products online without spending a penny

Are you stuck at home? Have you possibly also lost part of your income due to the pandemic? If you’re looking for ways to make money the-digital-marketing-launchpadonline or if you have great ideas for an online business but don’t know how to make them real, then look no further. The Digital Marketing Launchpad will tell you what to do.

The Digital Marketing Launchpad was written by digital marketers Dave Lightbody and Heidi Anderson, as a guide to create your own products for your online business at either a low cost or completely free. If you are looking for a way to sell digital products online, Dave and Heidi will guide you through the process, giving you valuable tips and insight into the online world of marketing.

Do you really need to know that much about launching your own digital product?

Yes, you do, but no, it’s not rocket science. This is what’s so great about Heidi and Dave’s book. It provides a clear explanation and a step-by-step guide on how to go about this.

What’s This Book About?

The Digital Marketing Launchpad makes the process of internet marketing a lot less daunting than it seems and it enables even the inexperienced marketer to find his/her way in the online business world.

Free doesn’t always mean it’s bad, and Heidi and Dave will show you excellent digital marketing tools that won’t cost you a penny and deliver great results.

What are digital products?

E-books are a great example. You can download them online or get free samples on several platforms, such as Amazon. Then there are online tutorials, webinars, training, courses, music files, website templates, manuals, you get the idea.

These digital products can, of course, also be converted into physical items, such as CD’s, DVD’s, and paperbacks.


So, let’s dive in. What topics are covered in this book?

First, it is divided in four sections. Each section has specific chapters that then go into more detail. The Digital Marketing Launchpad addresses the following important subjects.

  • How to create your own digital products
  • Free tools to create your own digital products
  • How to market your product with free traffic strategies
  • Free ways to sell your digital product


While you may have many ideas about what to do or what product to create, how will you go about it? In section 1, Heidi and Dave give you a step-by-step guidance on how to start your marketing journey.

After you finish section 2, you won’t have any doubts about how to create a free website, free audio and video products, and even making physical copies of your products available. There is so much information here for the digital marketer.

You won’t need to pay for setting up quality webinars, using editing software, getting free traffic, graphic design – unless you hire someone on Fiver, but that won’t cost you much either – and there is much more valuable information that Heidi and Dave offer here.


Section 3 provides all the necessary marketing tools and strategies, which are also free. It is amazing how much is actually free online.

Finally, in section 4, things are still free when Heidi and Dave give you their insight into creating your sales page, write sales copy, and ultimately, how to receive payment for your products.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Digital Marketing Launchpad is a well thought out and organized book. It is ideal for anyone who is looking into building a business online and market his or her own products. This book shows you that you do not need a large capital to achieve that dream. You can do this on your own with no or minimal investment, using quality tools and software.

There is a lot of useful information in The Digital Marketing Launchpad, and while I acquired it for a review, I ended up taking notes as well. I was interested in the information about adding a forum to my website, free cloud storage, auto-responder services, and webinars.

In my opinion, this book comes at the perfect time. Many people have lost their jobs due to the situation we are living in right now. Others have a lower salary because of reduced work hours. The fact is that we are all staying home to stay safe, and now is the time to make those hours at home count.


If you’re looking into marketing your own digital products, you don’t even need to leave the house for that. It’s all on the internet, and Heidi and Dave are telling you where to find it all. For some tools, they even consider the compatibility with either PC or Mac, which is also important to know.

When I came to the end of The Digital Marketing Launchpad, I realized that every topic had been covered for the online marketer. I had no more doubts or questions. This is the reason why I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about starting an online business and creating, marketing and selling their own products.


If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

Wishing you sucessful marketing!

16 thoughts on “The Digital Marketing Launchpad – How to sell digital products online without spending a penny

  1. Hi Christine! This review is amazing and informative. Thank you very much for sharing the Digital Marketing Launchpad with us. It sounds like an excellent guide to creating and marketing our own digital products for free. I’ve been thinking lately about how I could integrate my own digital products on my website, so this guide sounds very interesting. 

    It’s important that we learn to create our own digital products, as this will help us to offer more value and establish ourselves as authorities within our chosen niche. This guide will help us navigate the terrain. Thanks again for this amazing review.

    1. Hi Mikhail,

      You’re very welcome! I’m glad you found this information useful. Creating our own digital products certainly helps us to establish ourselves as authorities in our niches, very true. 

  2. Man, Christine, what a ride.  I was reading along about The Digital Maketing Launch Pad and ready to pull the trigger for the price.  Still might.  It was then I paused, expecting a WA twist to change the subject to our platform here.  When I got to the end of the capitvating content at the bottom of the page, I scrolled back up to make sure the redirect pirates had not detoured me.  

    I went back, after reassuring myself I was not being hoodwinked and started navigating the posts.  I think your presentation is great.  As a writer, I may do a similar page.  

    My publisher, Angela, started, after her slow start, years ago with a PDF book and her sales soared.  So digital creations are viable.  You have me raving dor more.  Your content is almost imprisoning to a writer reading about another writer promoting someone else’s book.    

    Your site is so cool, I just saved the url in a word document so I can keep tabs on your contining ARTWORK.  Yes it’s art.  CQ.  


    1. Hi Chris!

      No twists here 😉 Just a great book to help the digital marketer. It is worth to pull the trigger 🙂 

      1. HELP!!! Christine, I don’t know what’s going on but when I try to login to wealthy affiliate it clocks and then gives me a 505 timed out message. Ask Kyle to help me, I can;t get in.

  3. Hello Christine, starting a business online before the whole pandemic would be on the lips of so many people as this current world situation has made us all realize how important it can be to own an online business. The digital launchpad is a great idea as so many people look to sell their products in electronic forms (e-books) but have no idea how to do it. It would be a very good thing to do especially for freelancer and I appreciate the knowledge gathered 

    1. Hi Benson,

      The current situation is changing things for many, and online business will grow because of it. 

      Thank you for your comment!

  4. I appreciate the time and effort you put behind writing and presenting this wonderful book to us. I look forward to getting a copy and filling my brain with its content. 
    What the pandemic has shown me is that having an online business is vital and I need to get the necessary information to make my journey online a success. No doubt that digital and video marketing services are an essential component of any business strategy to place me in a comfortable position to make sales online.

    With many people nowadays working remotely, online traffic is growing and so is the need for online entreprenuers to improve on digital marketing. I am glad you are there to serve this need.

    1. Hello Edgar,

      Having an online business is indeed very important nowadays. This book will give you all the necessary information 🙂 

  5. Hi Christine. I, as many others, have been staying at home during this quarantine. And I have always wanted to generate income online. But up to this point had not had time to study about this topic. This would be a good book to read to get started: The Digital Marketing Launchpad.

    I know that digital products have come here to stay. And being able to market them will be a great advantage.

    1. Hi Paolo,

      Now you have the time to read this book 🙂 Knowing how to market digital products is indeed a great advantage, and you’ll get all the know how in the Digital Marketing Launchpad.

      Thank you for commenting!

  6. It’s tough times, but I prefer to see things in a positive light. Due to the recent lockdown, I’ve been doing a lot of writing,  digging up my old notes and finding new inspirations. I’ve always wanted to publish on Kindle and make some money off the Amazon traffic. Does this program you recommended cover Kindle publishing? Thanks. 

  7. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for this introduction about the digital marketing launchpad, which seems a good book about how we create, market, and sell our digital products.

    There is a statistic of the online education industry that will increase to USD 324.41 Billion by 2026 by some legitimate research companies, so I think your article comes the right time for me. Everyone might have a chance to create their online course if they know something, right?

    I do want to know more about section 01 of how to create the products. Is It like coding skills, photoshop skills, or maybe English teaching skills? What if I cannot think of any skills that I could teach people, does Heidi and David include this in the book too?


    1. Hi Matt,
      That’s an excellent question! Yes, Heidi and Dave mention that too. To create a digital product, think of something you are good at. For example, there are some very successful YouTubers who post puppy training videos that are educational and help people really train their puppies. It could be any other topic where you have a lot of knowledge and experience in and which you could use to help people. Some digital marketers have written e-books on puppy training, sewing tenchiques, sustainable living, and much more.
      I hope that information helps 🙂

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