The Path of the Stone

FREE ebook on Kindle from 7 until 11 November 2021 – The Path of the Stone

I’m happy to offer a freebie for my readers and anyone who visits me here. 🙂 The Path of the Stone is a fantasy and time travel adventure: pirates, harpies, a dark witch, and two humans are trapped in a magical world. This book is free on Kindle from 7 until 11 November 2021. I […]

The Rise of the Stone - longer excerpt

The Rise of the Stone – Prequel to the Path of the Stone – Excerpt

In my previous post about The Rise of the Stone – Prequel to the Path of the Stone, I shared a small sneak peek of this book I am working on. Now I’d like to share a bigger excerpt. This is a part of chapter 1 and it details the dream I had a few […]

The Rise of the Stone - Azure's story

Pre-Order Fantasy Book: The Rise of the Stone – Prequel to The Path of the Stone

Until now, I haven’t made a pre-order available so early, but so far I have also never written two books that were both based on dreams and both about the same characters. In November 2020 I had a dream about me battling flying metallic snakes, and when I woke up I immediately wrote it down. […]


Paid Book Review Services – Do Rowanvale Books’ ARC and Book Review Services Deliver?

Getting paid book review services sounds a bit dishonest, but obtaining an organic book review isn’t easy, especially if you’re an unknown author. If you published on Amazon it’s even harder, because Amazon has this (silly and counterproductive) rule that friends and family are not permitted to leave reviews. Why it can be Challenging to […]

Automated Workflow Plugin – Thrive Automator 2021

Starting a website, building traffic, writing articles; in summary, managing a website is a lot of work, at least if you want Google, Bing, and/or Yahoo to notice you. Writing blogs and hitting the publish button isn’t enough for readers to find you. You have to work to become visible. It often keeps me busy […]


Are you a Failed Author?

First of all, you’re not a failed author, although I guess we are all plagued by those damaging thoughts sometimes. There are plenty of reasons, though, to think that you have failed as a writer, and believe me, those reasons have nothing to do with you. So, before I begin, you are NOT a failed […]

pondering life

Should I Write a Prologue? My Prologue for my Upcoming Release

There are writers who write and then there are writers who spout out rule after writing rule on social media. You can’t do this, you can’t do that. I hate this, I don’t like that. There seems to be an endless list of what we should and shouldn’t do, but in all honesty, a story […]


GetResponse Website Builder Review

Building a website can be a daunting prospect, especially if you don’t know what it all involves. Lucky for you, it isn’t as intimidating as it seems. If you want to build a website, but you’re not sure where and how to start, then GetReponse may have a good solution for you. In this review, […]

Create Your own Courses Online – Thrive Themes: Course Craft Relaunch

Do you have something to share with the world? Experience, knowledge, tips, advice, or an innovative way of learning? Some good ways to share this knowledge are, of course, email marketing, blogging etc. But what if you could create a course, help people with it, and earn money at the same time? Thrive Themes’s Course […]

healed and happy

Newest Self Help Books – How to Heal from Burnout: my Road to Recovery

Last year I started a new website which was focused on how to heal from burnout. I described parts of my road to recovery and included tips and advice that were based on my personal experience, since I went through burnout from 2016 to 2018, but in all honesty, it could have started in 2015 […]