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Here you can find a list of the 10 books I have published so far. More will come, I’ll never stop writing 🙂

The Path of the Stone

A Stone that knows good, and punishes evil

When Eva leaves a party with a stolen jacket, followed by her ex-boyfriend, Darryn, she has no idea what dangerous item is hidden in its pocket.

When her hand closes around it and its heat sears her skin, the ground splits open, whisking her and Darryn away into an underground time tunnel.

Daniel, who is Darryn’s brother and the only witness to the strange event, retrieves the Stone, unwittingly unleashing its owner, Aeron.

Aeron, a creature of darkness, weakened by the loss of the Stone, is set on killing Daniel and recovering his lost power, but Calliope, a wayward harpy, puts a stop to his plan, snatching Daniel out of his grasp.

While Eva and Darryn land in the year 1708, in a strange village that is run by Zora, an evil witch, Daniel and Calliope remain in the 21st Century, doing their utmost to outrun Aeron and his minions.

Eva and Darryn have no choice but to team up with Azure, queen of the Forest Harpies, and Captain Green who commands a pirate ship and is somehow allied with the harpies.

Azure finds Aeron’s loss of the Stone propitious and takes the opportunity to start a rebellion against him, to achieve the harpies’ freedom of his harsh rule.

Eva has no desire to be stuck in the 18th century with her ex-boyfriend who has betrayed her in the past, but events force them to stick together and she slowly begins to understand her own role in previous events that have kept her and Darryn apart.

When Zora forms a reluctant alliance with the harpies, pirates, and Eva and Darryn, no one knows who to trust anymore in their quest to find the Stone.

Still stuck in the 21st Century, Calliope takes it upon herself to protect Daniel, whom she considers a weak human, but in the short time they spend together a strong bond grows between them.

Two parallel stories, two different worlds, even two different centuries, both with a common purpose: find the Stone before Aeron does.

If Aeron gets his hands on the Stone, all will be lost and harpies and pirates will be shackled to his tyranny while humans will be subject to his whims, but if the harpy- human- and witch alliance retrieves the Stone before Aeron does, their world will be safe.

Well, as long as Zora doesn’t betray them.

Given Zora’s history with Aeron, how much can they truly trust her?

The Rise of the Stone – Prequel to the Path of the Stone

Azure first appears in The Path of the Stone as a major side character, but her tale begins long before that, in Macedonia, in 341 BC, during her mortal days.

Bhava, Azure’s best friend, is marked to die. The scaffold is being prepared and the town’s female healers are lined up for execution. Soon, the authorities will be coming for Bhava, because she has healing powers and is therefore feared as a witch.

Unwilling to let this happen, Azure orchestrates a daring escape and saves Bhava’s life. Forced to leave town, they embark on a daring journey to Gaul where Bhava’s mother lives. The trip is not without its dangers, and as obstacles and attacks pile up, Azure quickly discovers that Bhava’s skills extend far beyond healing.

When they reach Gaul, the truth about Bhava is finally revealed.

Azure, having experienced Bhava’s unpleasant change, now witnesses her joining forces with her birth mother, Boudicca, a dark witch. Bhava’s final betrayal breaks their bond, forcing Azure to leave her forever, not knowing that her decision sets her on her own journey… which is only just beginning.

A village of harpies – Boudicca’s mortal enemies – awaits Azure, making her regret ever having saved Bhava’s life. Soon, all hell breaks loose, and Azure will have to go to extraordinary lengths to survive, traveling over faraway lands and even time.

How to Heal from Burnout – my Road to Recovery

Based on personal experience

In 2016 I was diagnosed with burnout, but it could have started earlier than that. Going through burnout feels like trudging through an endless dark tunnel where the light is nowhere in sight. It is something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, and the day I finally healed – in 2018 – was one of the happiest days of my life.

Burnout is not only exclusive to the workplace, but also to other factors, such as abuse at home, frustrating and long procedures one has to go through at bureaucratic institutions, schools, universities, you name it. Burnout is a modern-day disease that affects many and, somehow, it still has so little understanding.

When I experienced burnout there wasn’t much help available, and after I finally crept out of that tunnel back into the light I decided that I wanted to help people who are going through burnout, to give the help I would have loved to have when it happened to me.
So, this book is not about me, but for you, to help you. With what I’ve learned during my road to recovery, I would like to guide you through this dark tunnel or hold up a torch to show the way.

Thorn Heart

A fantasy that starts as a fairytale and explodes into full-blown war – with an underlying vegan message.

In 2285 it would be exactly two hundred years since the Mountain and the Valley Kingdoms had been created. It had taken time and many errors, even when everyone did their best to avoid the mistakes of the past that had led to destruction of life.

The human world was destroyed. Technology was gone, electricity and running water were no more, whole cities had been obliterated, and food supply was scarce. The survivors awoke to a new world where humans once more were weak and defenseless, stripped of their protective towns and comforts, tools and weapons, machinery and cars. The food chain was no longer what humans had created and believed, but it reverted to how it had been before they took over the world. All they had left now was their common sense and the will to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.
They knew their place.
They knew that they could not repeat past mistakes.
Never again.

Two kingdoms, opposed in philosophy and action

The Mountain Kingdom is a place of peace and respect for all sentient beings. The Valley Kingdom clings to the old destructive ways.
Special talents such as animal speech, top speed, and other superhuman attributes are honed and revered in the Mountains, but non-existent in the Valley.

Luna, a young noblewoman with the talent of animal speech, and Prince Storm of the Mountain are betrothed, and nothing seems to stand in the way of their arranged marriage. Storm is a good man and Luna needs an escape from her abusive home.

Bluntax, the Valley king, has long desired everything the Mountain Kingdom possesses, and the upcoming royal wedding between Luna and Storm might be just what he needs to provoke the Mountain Kingdom into a battle they cannot win. His son, Thorn, is his strongest asset and the only man who can help him succeed.

The Mountain Kingdom is unprepared for the threats from the Valley, but when Thorn meets Luna, events are set in motion, forcing them both to make decisions that could change their fates forever.
While human and animal refugees seek shelter in the Mountains to flee the terrors of the Valley, King Bluntax prepares for war.
Thorn finds his destiny intrinsically linked to Luna and he must decide. Will he betray her and help his father achieve victory or will he forsake his family and stand by the woman who is also engaged to his rival?

Aurélie – Survival

A provocative historical drama that ponders if a vampire can find true love. Or has Aurélie bitten off more than she can chew?

This historic novel begins with Aurélie telling her memories of the French Revolution, her participation in the storming of the Bastille, witnessing the September Massacres and her father’s arrest, and the trial of Marie Antoinette.

When Aurélie leaves the murdering mob in the September Massacres, she meets Lucan, a Roman vampire, who saves her from certain death and introduces her to the world of vampires. Seduced by vampirism, she embarks on the road of immortality, her journey filled with unsuspected turns, a mortal man that stirs her passion, surprising allies, and Giada, a Renaissance vampire who shares a dark history with Lucan and who is set on destroying Aurélie.

Aurélie – on the Road

Book 2 in the Aurélie series

From the catacombs of Rome to the beautiful city of Paris, and the abundant jungle by Veracruz and lush forests of Cuernavaca, to the bustling streets of London… This second installment of Aurélie’s memoirs takes us on a breathtaking journey across the globe to fulfill Penelope´s mission: destroy Giada.

After meeting Lucan on her path, an unexpected ally from his past provides Aurélie with some welcome help on her quest. Seraphin has survived and transformed into an immortal, unique in his kind: carrying friend and foe’s blood inside his undying body. With both men on her side Aurélie finds herself engulfed in a twisted love triangle, one that only becomes more complex when they are faced by their most feared adversaries: the werewolves.

As the story unfolds, Aurélie finds her plans could be compromised when she learns that there is more to Giada than meets the eye, changing the face of the mortal and immortal world forever. This quest for revenge soon becomes a trail of eye-opening discoveries about those she thought she could trust and those she thought were her enemies.

Aurélie – Gates of Immortality

Book 3 in the Aurélie series

After centuries of hatred, vampires and werewolves have finally achieved peace. Vampire Aurélie has settled down in her house in Paris, sharing her turf with Seraphin, a unique creature who carries both vampire and werewolf blood.

The sudden news of an assault on Penelope´s lair threatens this very peace. If Penelope, fount of the vampires, is killed, the vampire blood line will be destroyed.

All suspicions point to Akira, fount of the werewolves. With the help of Lucan – her maker – and Seraphin, Aurélie embarks on a journey to find the culprit behind the attack. Soon, she discovers that this quest is more than she bargained for and that a war threatens.

Aurélie must find Akira to stop the devastating events, but it turns out to be more difficult than she expected, finding betrayal with someone she trusted and a reluctant ally among her enemies. Aurélie realizes that – to preserve her own existence – she is fighting for a creature she loathes, and that Akira, the one she has always admired, may indeed be her enemy.

With only herself to trust, how can she stop this war that menaces the very existence of vampires, and perhaps even werewolves?

Lucan, Part 1

Lucan’s story follows up on Aurélie’s memoirs and can be read either as book 4 in the Aurélie series or as a standalone book

Reclusive Lucan now tells it all. There are no more secrets; and his past is no longer shrouded in mystery. We are introduced to his wife, Althea, and his beloved sister, Claudia. The tragedies that plagued him in mortal life are now out in the open, unleashed from his cross of burden.

Lucan´s story takes us to ancient Rome and introduces us to Commodus, the emperor of Rome. On the run from Commodus´s wrath, circumstances separate him from his family and he is caught by Penelope, fount of the vampires, who turns him into an immortal. Lucan has only his family and their safety on his mind, but he understands that to keep his family safe from the dangers of immortality, he has to leave them.

His journey takes him and Althea to Morgan, the banshee, who lives among the mysterious Forest People, and to his first encounter with a werewolf. Lucan and Althea take the reader on a voyage through the centuries, witnessing heroic battles in the East and the intrigues of monarchies in the West.

The Renaissance brings Lucan and Althea together as a couple and re-introduces Giada, a dangerous Renaissance vampire. He finds friendship with the charismatic Orion who unwittingly brings him closer to the true fount of blood drinkers and lycans (vampires and werewolves) It is a tale interwoven in human history, a tale of love and persistence, hardship and hope, family and allies, and a desperate attempt to cling to the last remnants of humanity in a world of monsters, mortal or immortal.

Lucan, Part 2

Part 2 of Lucan’s memoir (and the conclusion of Aurélie’s story)

At last, Lucan tells it all. There are no more secrets; and his past is no longer shrouded in mystery. We are introduced to his wife, Althea, and his beloved sister, Claudia. The tragedies that plagued him in mortal life are now out in the open, unleashed from his cross of burden. We are reacquainted with Giada, his mortal nemesis, and Penelope, fount of vampires, whose merciless cruelty never wanes. His ties to the banshees, the animosity between him and werewolves, and his bond with Hadea; all is revealed in this incredible saga.

You can also get the complete series (including all 5 books) in this link: Aurélie – Complete series

The Bewitched Mirror Series

The curse of the werewolf … in a witch

Cecilia has inherited a unique talent from her family, the gift of witchcraft which can also be a terrible curse. Feared and loathed in her hometown in 16th Century Spain, she faces arrest and execution. After a daring escape, she crosses the Atlantic to flee the reach of the Inquisition, but in New Spain the home and love she finds is soon destroyed by a pack of werewolves. She can`t escape the lycans`curse, but she develops a uniqueness in her kind, with lycan strength and witch`s mind powers.

Accompanied by the quirky ghosts of her ancestors, Cecilia finds herself in the remnants of the Aztec Empire, destroyed by the Spanish invaders, and in the world of immortals. Struggling to find her way, understanding her true powers, and meeting others of her kind, she becomes engulfed in an epic journey across New Spain and Europe.

Although she is still an outcast, even among her own kind, she learns that her friends are closer allies than she has ever known as a mortal; and her enemies are ruthless. As her journey leads her to her true purpose, to face the werewolves´ deadliest foe, she realizes that the one battle she has not been able to fight is the one against her own inner demons.

Cecilia´s odyssey takes us across two continents and centuries. Unforgettable characters become part of this journey, such as Hernando, her mortal passion; Akira, fount of the werewolves, a fierce, noble being, and the only one Cecilia´s mind powers cannot affect; Thora and Isabella, the eccentric ghosts of her ancestors; and finally, the story also brings us back to ancient vampire Lucan, and even Aurélie.

Cecilia´s tale takes the reader beyond the mirror, to face demons that not only arise from the immortal but also from the mortal world.

A Right to Live

“If Rusty the dog could talk, this is how she would tell her story, no doubt”

Born in a quiet neighbourhood in Mexico, Rusty is the only female in a litter of five puppies. Unwanted, Rusty finds herself and her fatally-ill brother dumped at a garbage site. Struggling to survive at only six weeks old, Rusty finds herself befriending two dogs, Ayla and Lucky.

Teaming up, they leave the garbage dump, trying desperately to find food, water and solace. Fearing she’ll have to face the dangers and terrors of a world without an owner, Rusty luckily finds refuge with Lety, a woman who adopts Rusty in her time of need.

With her friends disappearing, and a happy ending seemingly always out of reach, can Rusty overcome her tough start and find a place where she belongs?

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