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How to Pick a Niche

When starting out with an online business, there is one thing that may sometimes seem a little scary – picking a niche. What niche should you pick? What if my chosen niche is high competition? What if I run out of ideas to write about my niche?

Those are all very good questions, and I will address them in this article.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a specific segment of a market, in other words, an “audience”. People will perform online searches to find certain information and those searches will lead to your website, if it falls within their niche and search keywords.

When choosing a niche, you should pick something that you’re interested in, or something that’s a hobby, or a passion. It could also be a topic you don’t know much about but you want to learn more about it. By learning about it, you will become an expert, and you can share that info with your followers on your website.

So, this is the first question that should come to mind when you are picking your niche. What do you like?

I like food, nature, animals, reading, writing, history, and swimming. All of these are too broad to be a niche, but let’s take one of them and see what we can come up with.

For example, animals. You could focus on dogs and pick one of the following niches: dog beds, puppy training, dog accessories, healthy dog food, hotels that allow dogs, and so on. Or you could blog about parrots, guinea pigs, cats, pot-bellied pigs, ferrets, and more.

raw food niche
Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Let’s look at food as well. Here you could dive into different diets and/or lifestyles: plant-based food, a paleo diet, pesquetarian, raw food, Mediterranean diet, keto, and there is so much more.

It can sometimes be a little confusing to find the perfect niche, but I hope that this video walk-through will give you some ideas. The video will explain what a niche is, how to earn money through a niche, and help you pick your own niche.

how to pick a niche

What if My Chosen Niche is High Competition?

On the internet, there is competition for every niche. True, some have more than others, but in the end it doesn’t matter whether you pick a “high” or “low competition” niche.

Every day there are millions of searches online, and even if you have a low competition niche, that doesn’t guarantee your website more visitors. In order to get your website noticed by Google, you must provide helpful and good quality content.

If you have a low competition niche, but your website is just full of spam, Google will not display your website on those first search pages. If you don’t work on SEO, use keywords, get your website noticed, then how will you succeed in your low competition niche?

You could be in a high competition niche, and be there on the first page in the Google search results. If you provide valuable content, blog regularly, do not spam, and if you keep working at it, you will succeed in any niche.


I understand this question, though. I asked myself the same thing when I started out. It is natural to wonder about this. In time, I learned that there is only one thing that will help you succeed with your niche, and that is consistency. Be consistent with your website – and that includes hard work, patience, and persistence.

What if I Run Out of Ideas to Write?

Not everyone likes to write, I get that. Some people struggle to write long texts. That doesn’t mean though that you can’t do it. When you start blogging, you will get better at it in time. It’s the same with anything that you practice on a nearly daily basis, you will only get better at it.

If you ride a bicycle every day, you will get stronger legs and within a few weeks you will be able to ride longer distances. Soon you’ll find yourself crossing from one state into another, or even from one country to another. Those bicycle tours are exciting – they may not be possible the way things are now, but you get the idea.

To reach that stage, you need to practice and train. The same goes for a website.

Yes, but what about those ideas?

write ideas

First of all, you could write a list of ideas and then plan them for the coming week or month. You could write a list of 10 or 15 ideas about your niches, and then you could even narrow them down into sub topics, so that you end up with more subjects for future blog posts.

Second, there is an amazing tool that can help you find the right keywords. Those keywords will give you ideas for your blog posts and if you pick low-hanging fruit keywords, you will even increase your chances of being found on Google.

In the below Jaaxy keyword tool you could type in any keyword you want, and Jaaxy will show you how many searches are done for it. An example of a keyword(s) could be: digital marketing, making money online, how to build a website for free, anything that comes to mind. Try it out right here and see what you come up with 🙂

Jaaxy also gives you the option of creating your own keyword lists. So, later, when you run out of ideas, you can check those lists and find topics for new blog posts.

Final Thoughts

So, my recommendation is to look at your hobbies and interests to pick your niche. If you can’t find a niche that you really like, but you would still want go ahead with a website, then you can do so with Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp.

Bootcamp is a series of 70 lessons that will help you build a business in a niche related to the promotion of affiliate marketing, specifically Wealthy Affiliate. The first 10 lessons are free. Regardless of what niche you end up choosing, this is useful knowledge that you can take and apply for your own website.

Feel free to check out a free lesson here.

build a website

I hope that this information was useful. If you have any more questions, please let me know.


6 thoughts on “How to Pick a Niche

  1. Hi Christine – I really enjoyed reading this post.  Even though I have established a niche I still found it to be motivating.  When I read the word “consistency” that was motivational for me.  I have been at it for a little over a year now but I have to keep going.  I have discovered that I like to write so that helps.  Thanks for sharing your ideas on this topic.

    1. Hi Nathaniel!

      I’m glad you found inspiration here! Thank you for stopping by 🙂 And all the best for your online business!

  2. Certainly, you want to do your due diligence in selecting a viable niche business,but it’s better to get up and running than to wait around. That way, you can test out ideas, enter the market sooner and learn from your successes and failures. That way, too, if your first business doesn’t take off, you can always take what you’ve learned from previous attempts and move forward with new ideas.

    1. Hi David,

      That’s very true! It’s better to get up and running instead of waiting around. We all learn from our mistakes and can move forward with new ideas. I agree.

      Thank you for your comment!

  3. Hi Christine,

    I want to add my thoughts to “What if the niche is competitive?” Because there are no two people who have the same ideas about one thing. Everyone is unique in the world, so the only thing to worry about is that you don’t have enough time to create the content on your website. People tend to overthink without taking actions, right?

    Most of the time, I find it’s interesting to write things that we have passions about, but I do feel exhausted sometimes. Do you have a fun way to let go of the tiresome feeling of writing content for the niche we choose?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Matt!

      Thank you for your excellent thoughts on the question “what if the niche is competetive”! Absolutely true.

      When you feel a little drained of writing content, I would suggest changing things around a little, perhaps the outline of your post, or add YouTube videos. You could integrate videos as part of your content. I think that it’s important not to fall into a routine. As good and reliable routines are, they can numb the mind at times. I hope this helps 🙂
      If you have any other questions, let me know.

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