How to Create a Free Website Step by Step

internetCreate your website in less than a minute, yes! Making a website nowadays is easier than you think. WordPress offers great website building tools. It is straightforward and comprehensible, and the best thing is that you don’t need to be an expert to do this. You can create your own website today, and I will show you how, step by step.

Are You Thinking of Building a Website?

Whether you’re planning to start a business, an author website, share poetry, a way to promote affiliate links, or you’re looking to get more attention to a non-profit you’re starting up, a website is your calling card. It is the business. It used to be quite an expensive venture to get a website set up. You had to hire professionals to do that, and it did not get done in less than a minute, not even in a day. It used to be a long (and costly) process …

Now, however, things have changed and several internet platforms offer you the tools to build your website for free. Yes, free! No credit cards and no experience are required. I remember a friend of mine who told me years ago that she wanted to improve her website, but that it was so expensive. I also recall her complaining about the webmaster who didn’t always do things the way she specified. Well, there’s no more need for such headaches. Now it is all in your hands. You’re in control.

Without any further ado, let me show you how it’s done. 🙂

Which Platform Should You Use?

WordPress and SiteRubix are very user-friendly. They offer 1000s of themes that you can customize, making your website look really awesome. Wealthy Affiliate hosts these sites for free, ensuring a safe experience online and excellent site support.

There’s also lots of support in the Wealthy Affiliate community. Whenever you have a doubt or a question, you can reach out, and there will always be someone willing to help you. This is what I love about the Wealthy Affiliate community.

You can either use a free website on SiteRubix or you can opt to buy your own domain at a price range of $10-12 US, which isn’t much at all. And think about it, getting your very own domain is like getting your own piece of real estate online 😉 Its value can only increase over time.

Your Own Website: The Most Important Aspects

  • Professional design
  • Great look
  • Quick speed and load time
  • Quality content (write content that is helpful to the reader)
  • Easy navigation
  • Black text on white background (makes it easier to read)
  • SSL (Best to have a https site, makes browsing safer)

How is it Done?

Let’s do this step by step.

  1. First of all. What kind of website do you want? A free website on SiteRubix? Do you prefer to buy your own domain or do you already own a domain?


  1. Choose a domain name


  1. Enter the title of your website
  2. This is the most fun. Pick your design. There are over 4000 themes to choose from!


And that’s it. You’re done! You are now the proud owner of a website. It is yours, and yours alone. How does that feel, huh? It felt pretty awesome when I built my very first website. Besides this one I also own two other sites where I’ve built content over the last months.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve created your website in under a minute (told you, didn’t I? 😉 ) you can start writing content. That obviously takes longer, but I find it very gratifying to build on my website, write articles, and see it grow. If you’d like to learn how to add content to your website, please check out this training video. It covers everything you need to know.


  • Make a list of topics for your website content
  • Research keywords for your content
    • Jaaxy is an amazing online platform that helps you find the right keywords.

==> Click here for Jaaxy, the best online keyword research tool <==


An Easy Training to Create An Awesome Website


If you like to go far with your website; for example, create content that gets noticed, get ranked on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, learn all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and find out how social media can help your website, then Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start. With free sign up (no credit card required, I love that, don’t you?), and 10 free lessons in the entrepreneurial course, you will receive the necessary tools to turn your website into a success.


==> Click here to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate <==


Question … Do I get credit if you sign up on any of the links I provided? Yes, I do, at no extra cost to you, but I wouldn’t recommend any of these platforms if they weren’t any good. I’m using them myself, all four of them (Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy, WordPress, and SiteRubix) and I am very happy with the experience. Here’s me, looking all mysterious in my Wealthy Affiliate profile picture 😉


If you have any further questions or doubts, please let me know. As I said, creating a website is easy and not time-consuming at all. Anyone can create a lucrative business online 🙂

Are you ready to create your own website today? 



8 thoughts on “How to Create a Free Website Step by Step

  1. Nice, informational post on how to create a free website step-by-step. I know from first hand experience it can be difficult to do especially if you have never done it before. I really like the community you mentioned at WA and the tools they offer make setting up your own website as 1,2 and 3. It helps a ton to have that friendly “guiding hand” on your shoulder when you are first starting out in your own online journey to being a new website owner. Good stuff, keep it up and have a great day!

    1. I agree, it helps a lot to have that friendly “guiding hand” on your shoulder, and the Wealthy Affiliate community does exactly that. For any website newbie, it is a great place to get started and learn the ropes.

  2. I’d like to start a website for my network marketing business and have searched online for guides. I want to do it on my own as I only have a limited budget for getting started I can’t hire someone to do the job for me of creating a website. This explanation of yours looks simplified and easy-to-follow so I would consider you as a personal coach in this challenge. I’m thinking of joining you too in Wealthy Affiliate as I have already heard so many good things about their program. 

    So, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you a question with regard to choosing a theme that you have mentioned above. I’ve heard my fellow network marketers discuss about using beautiful themes like Thrive or Divi and as a beginner, do I have to use similar themes, too? Or, will I be okay with the ones you said are available inside Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. WordPress offers you over 4000 beautiful themes, and Wealthy Affiliate is certainly enough for any beginner. The support, themes, support, and community are amazing, and you will learn everything you need. 

      Thrive has incredible themes, that is very true. They are also a very good brand, and they offer paid and free memberships. If you’d like to look at Thrive, they offer a free online university to learn everything about building a website. 

      In any case, if you decide to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to ask me questions, and I will certainly guide you on your way 🙂 

  3. Amazing! I never thought having a free website could be so easy. There were some large websites, many long years ago, that would let you have a page or two for free; you’d have your own address to share with others, and could even showcase your own business. Things have certainly come a long way since then! And the tools! Free tools like Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate training are the bombs! If I could have had these years ago, I might just be rich by now. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Hello!  This article is a great source of how to create a free website.  You’ve listed some terrific resources, including the platforms of WordPress and SiteRubix, both of which are notable!  I’m new to wanting to create a blog.  I will definitely be checking more into Wealthy Affiliate.  You make it sound like there is much to be seen by signing up for a free account.  I heard one of my friends mention Jaaxy the other day.  How terrific is it that it is part of Wealthy Affiliate!  This is great news!  Thanks for this helpful information!

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