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Have you ever Loved a Book? – By Thomas Porter, Virginia

Thomas Porter is a true word smith. His writing is honest and raw and I’ve published many of his essays and poems on my other website lilacduville.com. I’m always happy to share his words. You see, Thomas is my prison pen pal. I started writing him in February 2021.

In time, friendship grew.

We always have great conversations – in emails or on the phone. Thomas is intelligent and witty and I always enjoy our talks. A few months ago he asked me if I could send him my book The Path of the Stone; he wanted to read it. So, I mailed it to him via Amazon.

Have you ever Loved a Book? - By Thomas Porter, Virginia

He told me he loved it and when I told him about the prequel I was working on (The Rise of the Stone) he asked me to send him the first copy 🙂 ❤️ which I will surely do.

Today, I received some more thoughts about my book, and it warms my heart to read it. Given his situation, he can’t leave reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, but he can email me what he thinks and I am copying his words here below.

This is not just about The Path of the Stone, but about books in general too, about loving a book, holding it so dear it will always have a place in your heart.

Please read on to find out Thomas Porter’s thoughts 🙂


Have You Ever Loved a Book?

Have you ever gotten so lost within a Book written so profoundly that it helped you escape a hard lived reality? I mean I was reading The Path of the Stone by Christine Duts and was amazed by how she transported me into a world I could have stayed there to see my life develop in while in the corners of my mind acknowledging my own struggles with a reality lived and lost.

I’ve wondered over the years how these literary artists can paint with their words forming an attachment to our spirits when read openly without bias just for the Purity of the words and worlds they’ve created.

Have you ever read a Book and formed a special attachment to whereby each page you could wholeheartedly believe the author wrote your very hidden emotions between each line? Setting off volumes of voltages giving way to frequencies of colors transmitting joys, sadness, tears, forgiveness, yearning for this type of connection in the reality lived through.

The Invisible Life
of Addie Larue by V. E Schwab was one of those special connections I’ve formed with a Book though I know it’s just words, but I truly believe authors are given a gifted talent to teach and touch our inner most parts whether it be intellectually or even mentally or emotionally. These things that are rarely shown or acknowledged come out when the right Book is in our hands.

Have you ever read a Book so slowly so that you wouldn’t miss the points of reasoning of a character you’ve grown an attachment to? To find yourself within a woman’s perspective strengthened within by her endurance and focus.

You see, in Book reality you can be a woman in one chapter or man in the next, a warrior capable of battle or a child full of wishes, eyes of wonders with every turn of a page. There’s no judgment from the “Book”, just a place you can see yourselves.

The Path of the Stone - Time Travel, Harpies, Pirates; Fantasy Adventure Books for Teens and Adults

Lately I’ve found myself as a young woman in Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell enduring abuse and hoping she achieves her freedom on this journey. I’ve been in big City’s as a gang member seeking a way out in Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas. I’ve cried many nights as a mouse in My father Bleeds History by Spiegelman Pantheon. I wish I had 99 days with you by Catherine Miller was whereby I learnt I like Smashing Pumpkins…

Books provide a source of energy while taking away pains that must be endured. I’ve learnt words of Love and abilities to seek what’s healthy for me throughout these Books. Many I’ve not named, but it’s on your journey I’m hoping you find millions of Books to finish my thoughts here.

Have You Ever Loved A Book? ❤️

Written by Thomas Porter


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7 thoughts on “Have you ever Loved a Book? – By Thomas Porter, Virginia

  1. Hi Christine,
    It has been awhile since I really loved a book. But, when I was younger and still in school, I remember reading Jules Verne’s 20,000 leagues under the sea. I was totally involved in that book so much, I read it all night long on a Sunday night. I had class the next morning, but I could not put the book down for wanting to know what was going to happen next. I was tired the next day, but to me it was worth it. I had been on an incredible journey the night before under the sea. Books will do that when you love what you are reading. Thanks for taking me back to relive my adventure again!

    1. Hi Chas,

      I loved 20,000 Leagues under the Sea!! I also read it ages ago and I remember how I couldn’t put it down 🙂 There are many great books out but achieving the love of a reader for a book is special. Those are the books one never forgets.

  2. Hi Christine,

    In high school, I was obsessed with a history-based martial heroes novel series. It has seven books in one series, and I read it all summer long. Every time I read it, I was deeply involved in the storyline and forgot about my meals & homework until my mother robbed the novel from my hands.

    Finding one particular book that gets you stuck isn’t easy, and enjoying what it’ll give you is fantastic. That’s the power of reading, and I’ll keep looking for them for a lifetime.


    1. Hi Matt,

      Those books are special. A book allows you to travel to unknown worlds without ever leaving your room. I love reading, and finding that special book you love, that stays with you long after you put it down is priceless. Writing such a book is an art.

  3. It was very interesting to read reflections on and about the books Thomas had read. Is he also writing a book or maybe thinking about it?
    My answer to Have you ever loved a book? is an absolute yes. I have loved reading since I was a child, different genres. From crime novels, and romantic stories, to books on psychology, and spirituality. But since I have a child, I am also rediscovering children’s literature. So there is currently less time now for books of my choice.
    However, I am also excited about this book The Path of the Stone, and I will definitely be ordering it in the future.
    I wish you all the best and much success,

    1. Thank you, Nina!
      Thomas is thinking about writing a book, but he hasn’t worked on it much lately due to some difficult circumstances, but I think that in time he will get it written and published.

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