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Did you start a new blog or are you thinking of writing a short story and you can’t come up with an idea? When you have a website, it is recommended to publish posts several times a week, ideally, twice or even three times if you have the time. If you can only do it once, that’s OK too. As long as your website looks active in the search engines, it’s all good 🙂 To do this, however, having daily creative writing prompts may be a useful tool.

daily creative writing prompt

When do You Need a Writing Prompt?

How do you come up with good writing prompts? It is easy to say that you should write when you feel inspired, but nowadays those romantic notions are not so applicable anymore, especially if you need ideas on a nearly daily basis. Waiting until inspiration comes may cause you to waste valuable time. If writing is your way of making money online, those writing prompts are your allies.


Which writing prompts to use depends on your niche, of course. Regarding short stories, I will discuss that later in this article after going over writing prompts for blogs. If you like to read about the section for short stories, please scroll down 😉

How to Come up With Writing Prompts.

A writing prompt is basically a learning assignment that directs you to write in a particular way. They are specifically for essays at schools and universities, but they can certainly be used for blogs and short stories as well.

For some, it may come easy, and for others it takes time. Assuming that you have a keyword list, now you have to get your writing prompt. In case you don’t have a keyword list, or you are not sure how to find keywords, not to worry, I explain it all in this article here, feel free to check it out. Those keywords are great little helpers for the online writer.

Create Writing Prompts from Keywords

Let’s say, your keywords are “how to handle stress”. You could just start writing without having a need for a writing prompt, or you could think of a writing prompt and go from there if that helps you more.


So, for these keywords, we could use the following prompt: “Stress at work has become so common that it is perceived as “normal”, when in fact it is not.

With this writing prompt, you could discuss why many workplaces have become hot spots for stress and then you could expose strategies how to improve certain situations.

Here’s a second writing prompt: “Stress at work seems hard to avoid, and although stress can be managed, we often tend to overlook its evil child, burnout, a condition that is often not taken seriously.”

With this writing prompt, you could go even deeper and research burnout.

In conclusion, here we have two writing prompts for the same keywords. You can, of course, include both writing prompts in your article or split it into two articles. That is entirely up to you.

broken relationship

Would you like another example? Let’s take these keywords here: “When to leave a relationship”.

You may already have plenty of ideas about this one and perhaps also some personal experience, but how do you start writing about it?

OK, let me think. You could perhaps start with this: “Relationships always seem so promising at the beginning. The world is seen through a rosy lens, obscuring a view to your partner’s darker side; but when one day that rosy shade is washed off your lens, what do you do?” And we go from there.


You have tried everything. You have attempted to “repair things” to no avail. Now it is time to stop fixing what can’t be fixed and move on. You can only help a person if he/she wants to be helped, but there comes a point when you have to let go.


Can you work with this?

See, a writing prompt is born from an idea and it can provide great inspiration for an article. Perhaps the second writing prompt reminds you of your friend who struggled to break free from a toxic relationship with her boyfriend, and you could use that as an example. And suddenly, your fingers are flying over that keyboard and you have your blog post ready in no time.

What About Writing Prompts for Short Stories?

I would approach them the same way. When I write a short story, I have it already inside me and it just needs to flow out. However, if you need writing prompts for specific topics, because you are on a deadline or you are participating in an online short story contest, and you can’t come up with anything, then a writing prompt may help.

writing stories

Let’s imagine that the short story contest is crime fiction. I chose this genre specifically for this blog post, since I never write in that genre, so I am making it a challenge for me too 😉

This is what I came up with, of the top of my head: “The faint illumination of the streetlights provided ample comfort in this shady part of town. He didn’t know why she had asked him to meet him here. He hurried around the street corner into a dark street, eager to get this over with …”

Is your imagination turned on? Then, go and finish that short story. 🙂


Final Thoughts

I hope that this will help you if you ever run out of writing ideas. And if you can’t come up with a writing prompt, then leave the computer for a while, go for a walk – even a brief stroll in the garden – and charge up those batteries. You will come back with fresh ideas.

Only this morning, I was working on a book (part 3 of Thorn Heart), and at one point I wasn’t sure how to approach a certain scene. So, I went outside and took my washing of the clothes line, and suddenly it was there, right in my mind. I hurried back inside, dumped my clothes somewhere, and continued writing.

Sometimes, a small break is exactly what we need to function at a 100%.

Wishing you happy writing!

12 thoughts on “Daily Creative Writing Prompts

  1. Very interesting! I am not a natural writer, but I do search keywords for my blog posts. I never thought of doing it this way with writing prompts though. That’s a really great idea and I’m going to try that going forward. Thanks for this great tip and the examples you shared.

  2. This is nice Christine. I think I am going to use this page to help me write my website blogs. When I was studying I learnt that I couldn’t wait for inspiration so I can identify well with your reason for needing a writing prompt.

    I think high school students will benefit a lot from this blog. It is informative and well written. After all, you are a writer!


    1. Thank you, Charmaine! I’m so glad this is helpful. I had not thought that this could also help high school students, but it probably can, for essays perhaps 😉
      Have a nice day!

  3. This is funny because just tonight I was searching for what I now know to be a writing prompt. I took a few minutes away to meditate (ironically that is what my writing was about) and during that meditation I ended up coming up with further writing prompts. So it worked out really well.
    You came up with that short story example just like that? You are a really good writer.
    Thank you for helping me learn something today.

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Meditation can certainly help to come up with writing prompts too. You clear the mind and make room for new ideas. 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!

  4. Extraordinary examples of what writing prompts are and how to use them. Every time I come up with an idea I write it down on my phone notes and later on develop an extensive base of knowledge regarding said topic. For example, as you mentioned “stress”, there are so many things you can create while just focusing on that specific word. There’s a lot of opportunities and a lot of potential. We just have to know what we want to talk about and blogs usually write themselves up. Before you know it, you have a 1,500 blog post written. 

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I like what you said, “blogs usually write themselves up”, that’s very true. There is indeed so much potential with every keyword and every writing prompt that you use. 

      Thanks for your comment! 

  5. Excellent tips for daily creative writing prompts.
    It’s hard to come up with good ideas everyday. Even when you have ideas It can be a challenge translating them to paper.
    Between my personal blog, social media content, and work content I struggle to keep the content flowing at a quantity I need and quality I can be proud of.
    Im always searching for ideas and prompts like you detailed in this article.
    Thanks, much appreciated!

  6. Hahaha… hope you got back to those clothes you dumped! There are times when I haven’t!

    Thanks Christine, that was a great post and very helpful as I embark on trying to write more than I ever have in my life. 

    I’m wondering, do you create lists of these prompts and have anywhere special to keep them? I have been known to have ideas littered all over the place, and now I’m working on systems to “capture” these prompts… because they don’t always come at convenient times like when I’m in front of the computer or have pen and paper ready. 

    Also… If I am in front of the computer… I might forget to save in a way that will help me find it when I want it. I have started using Trello boards… and I’m finding it quite handy… but I can still lose stuff in there as well! Quite frankly, I’m more likely to lose stuff in my computer than when I have used a scrap piece of paper (still a very popular resource for many people!!)

    1. Hi Jacquie,

      Like you, I also write notes on paper, it is quicker. I don’t have to turn on the computer if I need to check something quickly, and when I am working on the computer I have my notes right beside me. I use a little notebook to write down writing prompts, ideas, notes, reminders, and anything that needs to be jotted down. 

      When I think of various writing prompts, I usually write them down in my notebook, so I can get back to them later.

      Thank you for your comment!

      P.S. The clothes were rescued later on and safely stored in the wardrobe 😉

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