coffee or tea mugs

Coffee or Tea Mugs

What are writers always associated with? I mean, besides spending hours typing away, staring into space while a whole new story takes place in their mind, and – following stereotype – locking themselves in their writing dens for hours or days on end? The answer is coffee – or tea. Consuming endless amounts of it. So, besides pens, a notebook, and a laptop, coffee or tea mugs form a huge part of the essential writing utensils. We writers must have our invigorating, warm liquid. 🙂

writing a novel

My Twitter feed sometimes features those questions, “what do you prefer, coffee or tea?” Right, you would say, “who cares what you drink?” And I won’t argue. The thought has crossed my mind too, haha.

However, I cannot help noticing the amazing cups that every writer simply must have. I have seen some writer friends holding a coffee mug like the ones below and my first thought was always, “I must have that one!”

Especially this one here.

There is some truth to it, you know. How many writers have described horrible neighbors, a terrible sibling, or a cheating partner in their stories? I know I have done it. I won’t tell you which of my life’s unsavory characters made it to my books, lol.

Although stories are made up in our heads, much of real life finds its way into them. Many of my characters have parts of me in them – not all, but a lot – and certain events that take place in some fictional stories have their origins in real life events.

My recent book Thorn Heart features two side characters that are based on people from my life. Of course, I changed their names 😉

Thorn Heart

The document naming can get quite creative too. First draft, second draft, oh, third? Story.doc; story.doc1; story. Finaldoc, or finalfinal. I have been there too, lol. I didn’t get to the last stage as it states on the cup “I hate my life”. Before that stage even threatened I always took a break. Stress management is important, even – or especially – for writers.

And what about those? Any of these will make an amazing gift for any author. If there is a writer in your family or your friend is a writer, I can guarantee you that you will make their day with one of these cups. I am getting myself one as well.

And remember, some of the sayings on these cups have some truth to them. 😉

If you’re a writer, which of these cups relate to you the most? Which ones may apply to your writing? I like the first one the best and that’s probably the one I’m going to get.

A good cup of coffee – or tea – has to be served in the right mug to bring the mood, doesn’t it? 😉

Amazon disclaimer: Every Amazon link will open in a new window, ensuring that you can stay on this page 😉 If you decide to purchase one of these cups, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This will help me maintain this blog. Thank you very much for visiting my website!

12 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea Mugs

  1. Oh, I like them all! Thank you for presenting them here. I’m not exactly a writer, but I adore mugs! Especially if they are funny and have that “special something” that makes them stand out from the crowd. These of your choice are all like that. Still, I like best the one with murder involved 🙂 But, it must be because I’m fond of crime stories, as well. If I were a writer, I might choose the first one, as you did 😉

    1. Hi!

      These mugs truly have that special something that make them stand out. I want them all too, haha, but my favorite is still the first one 😉

  2. I absolutely LOVE this article, Christine! May I have all of these mugs?! I’m a multi-faceted individual, always love a good laugh, and can go from hot to cold like a faucet (if adequately provoked. Haha). Interestingly enough, I don’t drink coffee (though I do like tea), but I have several coffee mugs (birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, graduation gifts, and mugs that I bought myself because the looks/sayings were AWESOME! Haha). Just looking at them sparks inspiration and gets my creative juices flowing (Quick! Grab my pen!). I *might* be drinking tea out of a coffee mug right now (maybe…possibly. Haha). Great article, as always! God bless you!

    1. Hi!

      I’m also a tea drinker. I am not crazy about coffee 😉 but I got some great coffee mugs for my tea, and soon I will be adding one of these mugs to the collection. I just love them, they are all so great 🙂

  3. These mugs truly have something that makes them stand out. I must say thank you for showing it to us 😊.

    i personally love the one with the inscription “please do not annoy the writer she may put you in a book and kill you”. I know right, it’s quite funny just like others.  Great article as always, God bless you.

    1. Hi Lesley,

      Haha, I know, that mug also has a funny inscription, that one is my second favorite. 😉

      Thank you for your comment!

  4. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I find your reviews very interesting, I hope this post helps others as it is helping me at the moment. This mug alone can give inspiration and clue to writer when stranded any time. I will like to get some of them for my daughter. 


    1. Hi Joy,

      I had not thought of it that way, but these mugs can indeed be inspirational for a writer. They make great gifts 🙂

  5. The cups are GREAT. Especially the last one about grammar. Very funny and very nice. I knew Amazon had a lot of products, but I never knew they had coffee cups. I will look into that from your site for sure.

    Great post!

  6. As a writer myself, I can totally relate to the need for a decent coffee mug! I have my favourite, and the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee and frothy milk help to inspire me. It’s important to take a 5 or 10 minute break during a writing session as it helps you re-focus and relax. I like the mugs you included in this post and any one would make an ideal gift for a fellow writer:) Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Kathy,

      It is indeed important to take breaks in between. I also often take tea breaks or I go for a little walk on my land, it always helps to refocus, very true.
      Thank you for your comment!

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