improving grammar skills

How to Improve Your Grammar and Writing Skills – 6 Easy Tips

I love grammar. I know, most people don’t and with that claim they often give me those looks as if I had lost my mind 😉 All those pesky rules with their irritating exceptions could drive anyone mad. I like to listen to foreign languages and recognize grammatical patterns, such as conjugations for example. It’s […]

choose your words wisely

Strong Verbs Word List

What are synonyms for the word “say”? How many times can you repeat “he said”, “she said” in a novel without making it sound repetitive? How to avoid a frequent use of “was/were” and what are good synonyms for the verb “walk”? A strong verbs word list would definitely be a great help. You could […]

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A List of 7 Writing Strengths – Hold That Mighty Pen

Some say that writers are a different breed 😉 We often appear to be doing nothing when in fact we are busy in another world, plotting a whole new story. What to someone else is simply “staring into space” is a whole new book in the making for a writer. The crazy research that you […]