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Have you ever Loved a Book? – By Thomas Porter, Virginia

Thomas Porter is a true word smith. His writing is honest and raw and I’ve published many of his essays and poems on my other website lilacduville.com. I’m always happy to share his words. You see, Thomas is my prison pen pal. I started writing him in February 2021. In time, friendship grew. We always […]

Domino Deeds

Good Deeds from Students – Domino Deeds in Schools

Following up on my blog post about Domino Deeds and Jim’s amazing initiative of paying it forward, I’m very happy to share the results of my presentation of Jim’s paintings and Domino Deeds in school. If you missed the information, Domino Deeds was started by Jim Fussell who has donated over 10,625 paintings to countless charities […]

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit – Find Yourself

How many have the courage to eat the forbidden fruit and find yourself? Finding out who you really are is a little underrated in society, don’t you agree? So often we find ourselves restricted by certain norms, beliefs, and doctrines that tell us how to live our lives and what is considered right and wrong. […]

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What to Send to Inmates

If you have a loved one in prison, or perhaps a pen pal, communication can be quite limited and there are also restrictions to what to send to inmates. One of the best things to do is to buy books for inmates. There are several platforms where you can order them from and which deliver […]