Black Friday at WA

Wealthy Affiliate has got an amazing offer for you. Yes, it is not letting you down on Black Friday. In fact, WA is offering an awesome discount! Would you like to know more?

Note: This offer has already ended. But stay tuned for more offers! 

First of all, what is Wealthy Affiliate – or WA in its abbreviated version? It is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms online, teaching you all you need to know about affiliate marketing, building websites, SEO, and niches. This platform has a plethora of courses and webinars, and 20 of those lessons are absolutely free! The live webinars are held every Friday and provide a ton of useful information for any serious affiliate marketer. All live trainings are recorded and available to watch later.

If you’d like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, please click here for my review. <==

Christine-duts-twitterI am a member at Wealthy Affiliate, and signing up with them has been one of the best decisions in my life. As exaggerated as that sounds, it is true. I signed up for free and had immediate access to level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and level 1 of Bootcamp, 20 lessons in total. In my first days only I learned so much. I created my first website in my first day of training. After only a week at WA, I upgraded to a Premium membership.

Kyle and Carson are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, and they are always available for questions and help. Kyle teaches the courses, and he is an excellent teacher. Everything is well explained and each lesson is followed by a set of tasks, which are basically tasks to work on and improve your website and anything that is related to it. So, basically, you work on your website as you learn. A great combination, if you ask me. 🙂

So, enough talking, let’s get to the Black Friday promotion!

This year, the price is going down from $359 us to $299!

This is also going to come with several “never seen before”” bonuses, including:

  • Bonus #1: The Path to Affiliate Stardom in 2020 – Kyle Goes AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Live Class
  • Bonus #2: Building an Incredible Internet Business in 2020, The WhitePaper.
  • Bonus #3: Creating a Thriving Authority Website in 2020 (5 Weeks of Live Training)
  • Bonus #4: Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms (Yearly Members Only)

AND, on top of that, you will be grandfathered in this price, for as long as you keep your membership. So, this Black Friday deal will last for you if you grab it now, this Black Friday! Isn’t this awesome?


Some frequently asked questions about Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday

Q. I am on a tight budget, so I need to get funds in order. How long is the promotion?

A. “4 days. The Black Friday offer runs between November 29th, 2019 (Friday), through December 2nd (Monday).”

Q. Is this going to be offered again?

A. “We don’t know and likely not in this same format this year (or price point). Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of great stuff coming in 2020 and with that may come some changes to the pricing. We typically have an offer once per year, but we have retained our Black Friday pricing at $299 for the last 7 year’s. This could very well be the last year you can ever get this $299 rate. If you want to lock in at the Premium yearly rate of $299, then I suggest you take advantage of it this year.”

Q. Can both Starter and Premium members take advantage of this offer?

A. “Yes, both Starter and Premium members will be able to take advantage of the Black Friday offer and get all the bonuses.”

Q. I’m already grandfathered in at the Black Friday price form last year. Can I still get this year’s Black Friday bonuses?

A. “Yes, if you are a recurring Black Friday member you will also get access to ALL of this year’s bonuses.”

Q. How are the bonuses delivered?

A. “All bonus details will be sent to you immediately upon upgrading to the Black Friday offer. This includes the exclusive live class schedule, as well as anything that is downloadable will be available right away!”

So, there you are, a super Black Friday offer at Wealthy Affiliate, and don’t forget the bonuses. Let the countdown begin! And of course, if you have any questions, or you’d like to know more, please leave your comments below, and I will be happy to answer you.





26 thoughts on “Black Friday at WA

  1. Wealthy affiliate has been known to be a very great platform. As a member on the platform for a few years now, I can very well say that it is a very good platform for everyone who will want to join. The good thing is that this black Friday offer is already upon us and it is the best that anyone should want to take advantage of. This is a very good post that is worth sharing on wealthy affiliate.

    1. Hi Henderson,

      It is indeed an amazing offer. I hope that many will take advantage of it. 

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow! I knew Wealthy Affiliate was having a Black Friday special, but I was unaware of all the bonuses! To get some sort of live training from Kyle would be amazing! I’m really glad you shared this article. I definitely don’t want those bonuses to slip on by. Are you taking advantage of the offer? I’m sure many people intend to. I hope I can get the money by then. It will be totally worth it!

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I definitely want to take advantage of this offer. This is too good to pass up. I especially like the fact that I’ll keep this yearly membership price when I take the Black Friday offer. And the bonuses are great!

  3. I find this post as a very good one because you have given those that do not know some very good information on the best offer available this black Friday which is the cut. I say this is the best because everyone gets to cut off a very large amount from joining premium for a whole year. I am definitely going for this and I feel others too should do the same.

  4. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best platform I’ve been able to join online, this is no joke because I’ve been into different deals, even those that happened to be scams, I found my peace with WA and I’ve been into the full duty of recommending it to people. It’s a very good idea to be a part of WA’s black Friday because it encompasses really amazing offers like the yearly subscription of $359 brought down to $299 which is very good. I’ll make sure I benefit from this, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andrea,

      There are indeed so many scams online. Wealthy Affiliate is an honest platform which I can wholeheartedly and confidently recommend.

      It’s great that you’re taking the Black Friday offer 🙂 Good for you!

  5. Wealthy affiliate is an exceptional platform. Being a member of the platform for more than a year now, I believe that I have learnt a lot of things that has helped boost my financial situation and all thanks to wealthy Affiliate. Well! Seeing that they offer a black Friday opportunity to make the better use of WA at a discounted price, I really like that and would want to explore that at full. Thank you so much for sharing this

    1. Hi,

      It’s great to hear about your good experience with Wealthy Affiliate. One year, good for you! Here’s to more success stories 🙂 

  6. Kyle going AMA is a really interesting thing to anticipate because I believe many people are willing to ask different questions even those not related to business, trust me, lol. Black Fridays always leave a bright light on my face because I get to make purchase or things at a very cheap and discounted price and Wa’s black Friday I posing that same benefit now, I’m happy the offer is still not started yet, I’ll get my cash ready. I’ve enjoyed reading through this helpful article.

    1. Hello,

      It’s indeed a very cheap deal, hard to pass up, right? I also want to take advantage of it 🙂 Kyle is certainly going to get a lot of questions in this AMA session, I agree 😉 

  7. Sure the Black Friday super deal is back, and now this year will be my first time to go Annually, can’t wait to see this happen, I believe this is the best deal ever spending less than $1 a day for a whole year, I don’t want to miss this chance, thank you for sharing the answers to the most commonly asked questions about black Friday, this has cleared some doubts I had, I am ready for this year’s BLACK FRIDAY DEAL. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article to the public, I believe it will have great impact to many.

    1. Hi Joy,

      Good for you that you’re going annually! And you will be grandfathered in this deal, which is even better 🙂 True, it comes down to less than $1 a day for a whole year, cheaper than a cup of coffee 😉 

  8. Amazing! I realized Wealthy Affiliate was having a Black Friday extraordinary, however I was ignorant of all the rewards! To get a type of live preparing from Kyle would stun! I’m extremely happy you shared this article. I certainly don’t need those rewards to slip on by. Is it true that you are exploiting the offer? I’m certain numerous individuals plan to. I trust I can get the cash by at that point. It will be absolutely justified, despite all the trouble!

  9. I think this is the best deal ever and we all have to get it now before the deal is gone. I love all trainings at WA, they are very simple and easy to follow for a newbie like myself. Jay’s weekly live training is also price less, If I miss it, I know that I can also catch the play back. If I ever have any question from any of the training I know that I can just ask the community people, someone will always help me answer my question. Let’s not forget the site support, they are the best! For $299 / year is totally worth it, money well spent! 🙂

    1. Site support is indeed the best, awesome response and problem solving time. I have never seen anything like it anywhere else. I agree that WA is an amazing platform, and at $299 a year it is totally worth it, very true.

  10. Hi Christine, 

    I am excited to see the Black Friday offer for premium membership at much lower price! Just spend $0.82/day for a great  hosting platform with all the training and bonuses to build our foundation as Affiliate Marketer is just awesome! 
    Thanks for a thorough post about Black Friday Offer at Wealthy Affiliate. I hope people may get this messages and grab this offer before it ends on 2nd Dec.

  11. Thanks for this post on the black Friday at wealthy affiliate. The wealthy affiliate platform has really been a good platform for many that wanna make some extra cash to be on. Their community is very helpful and interactive , so you get a deal off like their black Friday deal it’s a very good opportunity to be on the site, thanks am getting more people on this site .

  12. Thank you for sharing this amazing opportunity!

    I’m actually a WA member and this is the lowest price offered, period.  It’s amazing what you get for less than 82 cents per day!

    The platform is great.  I actually run three websites currently, two affiliate marketing sites and one membership site that I just started.  I have to say, I’m doing pretty well with everything I’ve learned on the WA platform.

    To anyone reading this comment, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the Black Friday deal while you can.

    Thanks again for sharing this,


  13. Wow, this offer looks like a great deal to benefit from! I seriously have to look at some financing to see if I can afford this! Just to draw me over the line, what benefit did you personally have from WA? It’s always good to know the person’s story behind it as well to convince someone to get the deal 😉

    1. Hi Virendra,

      My biggest benefits were the knowledge that has been shared with me, everything I have learned, the excellent hosting, and the wonderful community that is always very helpful. 🙂

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